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1 Experiences Over Things!

  • by River Riders
  • 12-01-2019
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   The holidays sure can be a stressful time of the year. Cooking for large groups can be a huge pain and you will never please everyone's taste buds. Not to mention everyone's dietary needs. And cleaning, don't even start on cleaning. Going over the top to show Aunt Jennifer that your house is spotless even though the second the kids get loose it turns right back into the storm it was before. The part that really gets me is all of the gift giving. This can really add up and most of the time the products that you buy end up in a landfill. I see it every year in my neighborhood. The day after Christmas we have boxes upon boxes of toys and TV's. These might make you happy for a short amount of time but the memories usually fade quickly and you move on. Not to mention that most Christmas gifts are for one person and not meant to be used together. All of these added stressors really make it difficult to kick back and enjoy what the holiday's are meant for. Living in the moment with Family and Friends that you love and care about. This year give a different gift. The gift of Adventure and Experiences. A day out tubing with the family is a great way to bond and focus on eachother. No cell phones, internet, iPads, just family and the great outdoors. Or if your family is after adrenaline take a Zipline Canopy Tour trip through the trees along the beautiful Potomac river. Your family deserves to a break from the distractions and rat race. It might be hard to imagine now as we look outside to see blistering cold and frigid rain. But imagine you and your family bonding in nature. Or taking a camping trip on the Potomac to enjoy the Beautiful Harpers Ferry Campground. For a limited time only we are offering Buy One Get One Free gift certificates. Get them now while they last and enjoy some family time.  Bogo Gift Certificates