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  • 0 Best Outdoor Activities Near Harpers Ferry, WV

    • by River Riders
    • 06-29-2022
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    Are you needing some time outdoors but don’t have anything on the calendar? Look no further! We have outlined some of the best Harpers Ferry outdoor activities for you to reinvigorate your love for this area. These adventure opportunities are worthy of exploration!  Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is where adventure, fun, and history meets! Located only one hour near Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro Regions, the historic town of Harpers Ferry has so much to offer, for you and your family. Find your next outdoor adventure near Harpers Ferry with our list of suggestions : Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Maryland Heights Hiking Trail River Riders Family Adventure Resort Ziplining in Harpers Ferry Harpers Ferry Campground Harpers Ferry National Historical Park To learn about the historic town of Harpers Ferry, visit the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park Information center. There you will get an excellent overview of the park and receive knowledge to understand the importance of the historic town before you set out on your Harpers Ferry outdoor adventure. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park rangers, as well as volunteers, will also be on-site to answer any questions you may have about the park, related historical events, and surrounding areas.   Maryland Heights Hiking Trail If you are looking for a scenic hike, the Maryland Heights Hiking trail in Harpers Ferry is the perfect way to take in nature, get a look at the beautiful town and even see people tubing or rafting on the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah river. Check our list of Best Hikes Near Harpers Ferry.   River Riders Family Adventure Resort For a full day of adventure in Harpers ferry, River Riders Family Adventure Resort offers some of the best outdoor activities in Harpers ferry, West Virginia. The River Riders Adventure Pass gives you access to a full day of activities in Harpers Ferry! Enjoy your choice of one guided activity and one self-guided activity. With your main item being one of their most popular trips, either White Water Rafting, Tubing, or Ziplining and your second trip later in the day being a climb on our Adventure Park or try Kayaking, Canoeing or Stand-Up Paddleboarding on the Potomac Play Pass! Ziplining in Harpers Ferry Ziplining in Harpers Ferry is the best way to get an adrenaline rush while looking at the beautiful nature the town has to offer. This two and a half to three-hour spectacular, professionally guided Harpers Ferry zipline tour answers your call for adventure. Zip through the treetops as you ride our network of eight ziplines, including the fan-favorite free fall rappel at the end, and navigate the adventure sky bridges towering above the forest floor. As you zip, take in the mesmerizing views of the Potomac River and the Harpers Ferry Water Gap, and be sure to ask your tour guide about the local wildlife, trees, plants, and rock cliffs that surround you on your West Virginia ziplining tour. Harpers Ferry Campground If you are looking to stay the night, The Harpers Ferry Campground offers primitive waterfront tent campsites, RV sites and cabins on the beautiful Potomac River. For a fun day activity during your stay, you can bike down the trail from the Harpers Ferry campground to the historic downtown Harpers Ferry National Park with River Riders e-bike rentals.    

  • 0 President Biden Announces June 2022 as Great Outdoors Month

    • by River Riders
    • 06-09-2022
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    June 2022 has been designated as The Great Outdoors Month, with the partnerships of federal agencies including The White House, state governments, and private organizations making efforts to get citizens across The United States to get outside and enjoy activities that are offered throughout our great lands. This quote is from President Biden’s May 31, 2022 proclamation:   “During Great Outdoors Month, we celebrate our Nation’s vast array of parks, wildlife refuges, forests, monuments, marine sanctuaries, waters, national conservation lands, and other natural treasures.  Every day, Americans across the country draw inspiration and pride from the beauty of our magnificent outdoor spaces….. Boundless outdoor spaces across the country unite Americans of every age and background for hiking, fishing, canoeing, hunting, exploring, reflecting, and finding solace.  As part of my Administration’s efforts to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can access and enjoy America’s great outdoors.  Outreach efforts — including the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program — expand trails, conserve rivers, and restore green space so that more people can benefit.  We are also enhancing safe outdoor resources for communities so that more people can participate in healthy, active outdoor recreation and enjoy the physical and spiritual nourishment it provides.” Said President Joe Biden.    We are excited to see a great deal of attention towards our wilderness and nature. River Riders is happy to be able to share the outdoors with guests around the world and show what West Virginia has to offer. We are fortunate to have a good relationship with The Harpers Ferry Historical National Park and be able to showcase what the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers has to offer. River Riders offers many trips for you to relax and reflect on how to be more in one with nature. Whether it is tubing past Harpers Ferry Historical National Park or flatwater Canoeing on the Potomac, we want everyone to experience what it means to be in the great outdoors. Get out to Harpers Ferry and celebrate The Great Outdoors Month. Book your trip with River Riders Here!    Here is the full Great Outdoors proclamation: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2022/05/31/a-proclamation-on-great-outdoors-month-2022/  

  • 0 Best Hikes Near Harpers Ferry, WV

    • by River Riders
    • 05-16-2022
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    Harpers Ferry and the surrounding areas are home to beautiful, history-rich hikes. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best hikes near Harpers Ferry, WV that will fulfill your itch to explore the area just like a local. Gather your family and friends to enjoy the hikes Harpers Ferry has to offer. There are hikes that are easy and hikes that are on the harder side of hiking.    1. Hike at Virginius Island in Harpers Ferry National Park.   Hiking Virginius Island will walk you back in time. The history of the industrial and cultural side of Virginius Island in Historic Harpers Ferry, lets you relax and enjoy the flat riverside hike while taking a look at the dozens of history placards to read about the rich history of the Island. During this Harpers Fery hike, you can explore many ancient ruins of old factories and mills that Virginius Island is a formerly inhabited island of some 12 acres. Along the Shenandoah River, the island was created after The Patowmack Company built The Shenandoah Canal, between 1806 and 1807, which separates it from the town of Harpers Ferry. 2. Hike along the Potomac River on the C&O Canal   Preserving America's early transportation history, the C&O Canal began as a dream of passage to Western wealth. Operating for nearly 100 years the canal was a lifeline for communities along the Potomac River as coal, lumber, and agricultural products floated down the waterway to market. Today, it’s a welcoming hub of outdoor activity with nearly 200 miles of hiking, biking (perfect for day trips or e-biking rental adventures!), bird watching, and history consumption. Starting at Cumberland, MD, it passes right through Harpers Ferry, then hits Georgetown in Washington, D.C. You can hike in either direction (upstream or downstream) along the C&O towpath. 3. Hike the Harpers Ferry Section of The Appalachian Trail   The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only trail in the world extending between Georgia to Maine. The trail is about 2,200 miles long and passes through 14 states total. Located in Harpers Ferry, WV, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy is the headquarters of the Appalachian Trail. More than two million people are said to take a hike on part of the trail at least once each year. Harpers Ferry is what many consider to be the "psychological midpoint" of the trail's length. You can hike in either direction either up towards Jefferson Rock (described later on) or head of the pedestrian bridge to the C&O canal.   4. Hike The Maryland Heights Trail   Locals and visitors both agree that Maryland Heights is a must-do hike when visiting this historic gem of a town. With a spectacular birds-eye view of Harpers Ferry from the main overlook, you will get panoramic views of the Shenandoah Valley. It is saturated with Civil War history, this trail is a favorite for many. Get to know this 6-mile loop trail near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 2 hours to complete. You will see many Civil War sites including cannon fire sites and other war formations. This is a very popular area for birding, hiking, and trail running as well. President Abraham Lincoln couldn’t make it up this mountain. Can you?  5. Hike Loudoun Heights across the river in Virginia   A hike that is in Virginia, Loudoun Heights, is the first peak of the Blue Ridge Mountain south of the Potomac River in Loudoun County, Virginia and Jefferson County, West Virginia. The northwestern slope is part of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.This challenging trail gives hikers the opportunity to see the Appalachian Trail, multiple views of Harpers Ferry, views of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and valleys at the overlooks. Hikers are rewarded with the only view to the east into Pleasant Valley and beyond, a southern view of the town of Harpers Ferry and the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers.  6. Hike up to Jefferson Rock    This quick little hike up past the famous St. church coming from the lower town, you will hike along the Appalachian Trail up to a rock visited by a previous president, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson described his first view from the landmark as a scene, "worth a voyage across the Atlantic." Four stone pillars were placed under the uppermost slab of Jefferson Rock to stabilize it sometime between 1855 and 1860. It is an easy-going hike that any hiker can conquer. Come see if you think it is worth a trip across the Atlantic! Please enjoy these Harpers Ferry hikes while you are vacationing in these history-rich spots! Ranging from easy to hard - test your skill level and enjoy these famous hikes in West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia! After you hike(s) you can visit River Riders to experience more fun and thrills to make this a weekend trip in Harpers Ferry, WV!

  • 0 Spring Into Savings at River Riders

    • by River Riders
    • 04-06-2022
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    Spring into the season with savings! The weather is warming up and people are starting to flock to Historic Harpers Ferry. Summer deals are here and will save you money on summer getaways! Available now through April 30th, River Riders in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is offering many discounts this spring season!    We have 10% off our River Riders Season Passes in the Month of April. A Season Pass is the best way to get the most out of the year! You choose the activity that suits you best, or try something new you never have before. Want the thrill and challenge of climbing all summer long? You can enjoy unlimited 2-hour climbing sessions throughout the season in the Harpers Ferry Aerial Adventure Park. Want the laziness of tubing the Shenandoah or the excitement of the Potomac Rivers all summer long? Then our Tubing Season Pass is for you. Or you can enjoy the freedom of open water however you choose with our Potomac Play Pass. Unlimited rentals of canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards on the Potomac River all summer long. https://www.riverriders.com/seasonpass We think one of the best deals of the year is The Buy One Get One 50% Off Adventure Passes. The River Riders Adventure Pass gives you access to a full day of activities in Harpers Ferry! Enjoy your choice of one guided activity and one self-guided activity. With your main item being one of our most popular trips, either White Water Rafting, Tubing, or Ziplining and your second trip later in the day being a climb on our Adventure Park or try Kayaking, Canoeing or Stand-Up Paddle boarding on our Potomac Play Pass! https://www.riverriders.com/full-day-adventure-pass With $25 off The Outdoor Adventure Camp kids ages 9-14 can enjoy the great outdoors in Harpers Ferry with White Water Rafting, Tubing, climbing our Aerial Adventure Park, and flying through our Zipline Canopy Tour. Available now through April 31st. Located in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia; where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia come together, River Riders is only one hour near Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro Regions! https://www.outdooradventurecamp.com/ Don't miss out on these great deals, this is where family fun begins!  All of our River Riders Activities are available to book now as well as The Harpers Ferry Campground!https://www.riverriders.com/ 

  • 0 2021 BOGO Gift Certificates

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    • 11-29-2021
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    Give the gift of Adventure this Holiday Season! River Riders has BOGO Gift Certificates usable on ANY of our Activities! This is the Biggest sale of the year so don't miss out! Buy One Get One Free Gift Certificates make a unique holiday gift and won't be caught in a shipping delay. These are a great gift for that someone who has everything. Gift certificates can be purchased in a variety of dollar amounts and used for your favorite activity including whitewater rafting, tubing, SUP boarding, ziplines, and adventure Park. Check out our BOGO Gift Certificate Page!    

  • 0 Fall is Here!

    • by River Riders
    • 09-17-2021
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    Fall is here! With it comes the best weather of the year for outdoor land activities.  Our Aerial Adventure Park Ropes Course is open year round, with some of the best sight seeing opportunities happening in Fall! We also have our Zipline Canopy Tour open throughout the Fall and Winter seasons as well, providing the perfect opportunity for you and your family to get out of the house into nature.  Water activities are also available this time of year, with our White Water Rafting trip. We have wet suits for rent at our main office, which will keep you warm while on the water!  Get out of the house and make some memories with your family! Stay awhile and rent out a 4 or 6 person riverfront cabin at our Harpers Ferry Campground.  We also have RV sites and Tent sites available as well.  Stay and Play for the weekend by booking a package deal with a campsite and a trip with us! We have Guest Service Representatives available during normal business hours, 7 days a week.  Feel free to call us with any questions you might have on how we can make your stay in Harpers Ferry a memorable one!  

  • 0 Outdoor Adventure Camp Early Bird Special!

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    • 01-17-2021
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    Our Biggest discount of the year has arrived! Until February 28th, save $40 off when you book for any of our sessions! Your Child will get to experience the great outdoors like never before without putting a hole in your wallet. Children get to experience ALL of our activities which include; White Water Rafting, Tubing, Kayaking, Ropes Courses, Biking, and Hiking in beautiful Harpers Ferry, WV. Your weeks will include a unique opportunity to visit four National Park Service entities Harpers Ferry National Park, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park, Potomac National Heritage Trail, and Appalachian National Scenic Trail   Just look at some of these smiling faces from last year’s Outdoor Adventure Camp.  

  • 0 40% Off Season Passes!

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    • 01-08-2021
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    Enjoy endless summer fun with 40% off Season Passes! Enjoy a relaxing float down the river, the thrill of the rapids, or a challenging climb in the trees all summer long!   All of January, you can get a Season Pass for 40% off - This is the best deal in the DC Metro Area! Want to enjoy tubing in Harpers Ferry? Get our Tubing Season Pass and enjoy a relaxing day on the river with Flat Water Tubing or get a thrill with White Water Tubing! If you enjoy paddling around, our Potomac Play Pass Season Pass is perfect for you! With access to kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, you can spend your day on a stretch of flat water with breathtaking views of the mountains! Are you interested in the challenging climb of high ropes courses? Check out our Ariel Adventure Park Season Pass with 9 different courses of climbing fun! With our Gold Season Pass you can enjoy all of these activities all summer long! 

  • 0 Last Chance to Take Advantage of BOGO Gift Certificate Deal!

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    • 12-26-2020
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    Happy Holidays from the River Riders Family to Yours! We know everyone is looking forward to 2021, and we are already rolling out our deals for this coming summer.  Give the Gift of Adventure this summer this year! All December long, we are running our best deal of the season! BOGO Gift Certificates make a great late Holiday or Christmas present for anyone in the family.  Take advantage of the best deal of the year while it is still here this winter. Usable towards all of our trips and campground during the summer months- buy now, and use later, Memorial Day through Labor Day.  This deal is about to expire, so don't miss out!  This is the perfect opportunity to get the best deal on outdoor adventures this coming summer for the family. For more information on BOGO Gift Certificates, either give us a call at (304)535-2663, visit our website or email us at trips@riverriders.com!

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    • 02-17-2020
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    Best deal of the Year! Save big with $40 off when you sign up for camp before the end of February!  Your week is fun and educational! Children will have the opportunity to participate in all of the activities that we offer at River Riders. In addition during their free time, we'll teach them the basics of guiding and river safety. Goals for your child include: increased confidence, learning, building character, sense of accomplishment, fun, and friendship. Activities include white water rafting, tubing, zipline canopy tour, kayaking, canoeing, ropes courses, biking, and hiking (and more!) on the beautiful Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers (class I-III) in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia where Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia come together. Your weeks will include a unique opportunity to visit four National Park Service entities Harpers Ferry National Park, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park, Potomac National Heritage Trail, and Appalachian National Scenic Trail.   30% Off All Season Passes at River Riders until the end of February! Who doesn't wish for an endless summer of fun? Can't you see yourself soaking up the warm sun, all summer long, with your friends and family? Whether it's taking a relaxing float down the Shenandoah River or enduring the rapids on the Potomac River, we've got you covered for your perfect summer of fun- come find us in Harpers Ferry, only an hour away from Washington, D.C! Right now, you can grab a fantastic deal on Season Passes at great discounted rates! With your Season Pass, you can get the most out of your summer with plenty of adventures to keep you out and active! Come find your favourite activity and try a little bit of everything with our Gold Season Pass, which gives you access to our Aerial Adventure Park, Potomac Play Pass, and our Tubing activities. Want to guarantee some time on the river? Grab our Tubing Season Pass and try out the White Water Tubing for an exciting trip on the Potomac- or try the Flat Water Tubing option and float to your heart's content! Maybe you're looking to paddle around and catch the views in Harpers Ferry? Our Potomac Play Pass Season Pass gives you access to kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards down at our campground with a fantastic stretch of easy flat water. And of course, if you're looking for a challenge up in the trees then grab our Aerial Adventure Park Season Pass which gets you unlimited 2-hour climbing sessions through the summer. There's an option for everyone out there, and when you purchase a Season Pass you also receive 10% Off Guided Trips and 10% Off In-Store merchandise. The savings never stop! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity, and grab your Season Pass today!