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Aerial Adventure Park Rules

Ziplining in Harpers Ferry WV

All participants must adhere to all of the following park rules

Climbers must:

  • be at least 4 years old and weigh 40-265 pounds.
  • have closed toe shoes that are secure and protect their feet.
  • attend a safety briefing before climbing.
  • only use appropriate courses based on age restrictions (please see the rates tab).
  • remain clipped in to the safety system at all times.
  • wear helmets at all times when under or on courses.
  • use all equipment as directed.
  • stay on designated foot trails.
  • start with a yellow or green course before attempting more advanced trails, except 4-6 yr olds who may only climb on Chicken Little's and the Kids Zip.
  • accept all risks involved in participation and sign a release of liability waiver prior to climbing.
  • be respectful of other guests Use appropriate language and do not loiter on elements or platforms.
  • allow faster climbers to pass on platforms.
  • obey all instructions given by park monitors.

Only 1 person is permitted on an element or zip line at a time.
Only 3 people are permitted on a platform at a time.
Do not bounce on platforms or elements.
Climbers under 13 must be accompanied or supervised by a companion 16 years or older.
Smoking is not permitted in the park or while wearing a harness.
Harnesses must be removed before using the restroom.
Climbers may not access the course outside of operating hours.
The management reserves the right to ask anyone in breach of these rules to leave the Adventure Park.
During extreme weather conditions you may be asked to evacuate the park. Guests will be allowed back on the course as soon as conditions allow. (There are no refunds for weather related closures).
When in doubt, stop and ask a park monitor.