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Team Building By Nature Programs

These are examples of activities that your group can use to achieve your goals. Many other options are available as well.

Morning Land Activities

Ice Breakers

Team building in a balance activity
Team Building and corporate development near Washington, DC, Northern VA and Baltimore, MD. Activities to get know to know participants in your group and establish trust.


  • Shaping the Organization:
    Blindfolded group attempts to create complex and precise shapes with the circle of rope they are holding.

  • Group Trust and Support:
    People holding a rope circle take turns leaning in and out of the circle, testing their trust and support. Team Building and corporate development near Washington, DC, Northern VA and Baltimore, MD

  • Elevating the Corporation:
    Group attempts to suspend a bucket of water using two pairs of "skis" resting on four inverted buckets.

  • Partners for the First Week of Work:
    A blindfolded person travels through obstacles following the non touching, verbal guidance of a partner.

  • Blind Maze:
    Group members are blindfolded and led into a rope maze. Once there they must find the exit.

Afternoon Activities can be either land or water based, and 1/2 day activities will mainly be one of the following:

Land Activities

Zip Line

Everybody zip line!
Harpers Ferry Canopy Tour is the areas newest, most exhilarating adventure. Come soar through the lovely Potomac riverside woodland and enjoy a birds’ eye view of the Harpers Ferry Gap and Harpers Ferry National Park, C&O canal, AT, Potomac National Heritage Trail. The spectacular scenery and the rush of the “flight”, provides a thrilling experience for first-timers to pros. Our professional staff will guide you through over 15 features including, zips, ladders, and suspension bridges, delivering over 2 ½ hours of excitement! This canopy tour will allow you to fly above the beautiful Harpers Ferry shoreline from the exhilarating height of 55 feet! Click here for more info.

Aerial Adventure Park

Our all new Aerial Adventure Park challenges your group at new heights. Our beautiful park is located on 4 wooded acres and offers 5 trails varying in difficulty. Groups work together to build confidence and trust in group as you leap through the hanging lily pads, wiggle through the wobble bridge, get stumped on the tree stump ladder, and pony up on the saddle! This is a great way to create unity for your group, enjoy nature, and get a work out!


A scenic half day trip on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Park that follows the Potomac River between the two historic towns of Shepherdstown and Harpers Ferry, WV. Team activities and competitions are planned along the route.

Water Activities

Canoeing or kayaking

Take a leisurely flat-water canoe or kayak trip along the Potomac or Shenandoah Rivers near Harpers Ferry. Along the way, team members will go over safety and self-rescue, developing communication skills among the group, overcoming fears, and working on trusting co-workers to over come obstacles presented.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafting on the Potomac River
Participants will take turns guiding rafts down the Shenandoah or Potomac Rivers under the close supervision of our team building guides.

Activity Objective: Work on team cooperation and leadership skills while looking out for the safety of the other co-workers.

Trip Description: Our most popular adventure and a guest favorite through the years, this whitewater rafting trip down the the Shenandoah and/or Potomac Rivers includes slow water solitude and beginner to intermediate level whitewater action. In slow water watch for ospreys, great blue herons, and bald eagles; enjoy the beauty of the Blue Ridge; and talk with your raft mates. But be ready for thrills and spills as you charge over “Bull Falls” and whoosh through “Bull’s Tail”, before heading through the Shenandoah’s mile-long “Staircase” rapid. Take in the history and scenery of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers as you float past Harpers Ferry National Historic Park between the soaring cliffs of Maryland and Loudon Heights, where you join the mighty Potomac. On the Potomac watch out for the snarl of the “Mad Dog” and hold onto your boots as you ride the wild “White Horse.”