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General Staff Application

*If you are looking to apply as a guide, please apply with the guide application*

Thank you for your interest in joining the professional staff at River Riders. Please fill out the application below, putting N/A in areas which do not apply. Then click on the submit button.

Some of you are from out of town and are interested in lodging. We have primitive camping available on site. Each year many of our staff camp here throughout the summer. You are welcome to do this as well. We don't have any dormitory style lodging available.

If you are a citizen of a foreign country, you must have all work permits, passports and visas BEFORE applying to River Riders.

River Riders is a drug-free workplace.

Seasonal employees will be hired as a temporary seasonal employee, and shall have no expectation of year round employment. Temporary seasonal positions run from April 1st through October 31st of the year. You should expect full-time seasonal work opportunities between the months of June-August, as these are our busiest months of the year.

During the months of April-May and September-October, you should expect part-time seasonal employment. While part-time work may be available beyond these dates, it is not expected and cannot be ensured by any staff member or supervisor.

If you are applying for FULL time seasonal employment, you must be available to work at least 40 hours (5 days) throughout the summer season (April-October) unless you are in school. Of the 5 days you must be available, 2 of them must be Saturday and Sunday as well as holidays. Performance bonuses are available for FULL time GUIDE employees.

If you are applying for PART TIME seasonal employment, you must be available for consistent weekend work at minimum throughout the summer season (April-October) unless you are in school. If you are applying for PART TIME season employment, please be prepared to list the days you will be available – they must include weekends and all holidays. Performance bonuses may be available for PART time GUIDE employees.

If you are applying for NON-COMMITAL employment, you are available on a more limited basis. If you want to work with us but your schedule doesn’t allow you to guarantee us any availability, you’d be considered non-committal. There is plenty of work for you on the weekends, holidays, and many weekdays. Remember: scheduling preferences are giving to FULL time, then PART time employees. Bonuses are not given to non-committal employees.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently having problems receiving applications from yahoo email accounts. We ask that individuals either apply with an alternate email address (ie NOT yahoo) or to call in directly to 304-535-2663 since we are not able to receive those applications

Staff Application Form
What positions are you interested in? (please check all that apply)
What Type of Position are you interested in?

* All drivers must have a DOT physical prior to starting employment. CDL drivers will have pre-hire and random drug testing.
**Greeter / Car Parker position is a part time weekend position from June 15th to September 15th)

List employers beginning with your most recent employer. If you don't have 3 employers, you may skip down to here and list other non family references. This section must be filled out or it will invalidate your application. We must have at least 3 verifiable references for hiring consideration.

Thanks again for your interest in joining our team at River Riders. If you have anything else you'd like us to know, please e-mail us at: