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River trips and other outdoor trips are more enjoyable in the company of friends. Numerous office and professional groups, church and school groups, social and civic clubs, and other organizations have found rafting provides an ideal activity for recreational outings.

Group organization generally works best when one person serves as trip leader or organizer. The trip leader should make the group's reservation, deposit, and payment as required and should handle all arrangements with the outfitter. The selection of the right person as trip leader or coordinator greatly influences the success of the trip.

The following suggestions should be helpful for group trip organizers:

  • Begin your planning months in advance. Start with an initial interest survey to determine approximately how many reservations you will need. The size of your group may well influence both the outfitter and the river you select.

  • Learn as much about your group as you can before you select a river trip. Carefully consider the likely participants, their age, experience, and physical limitations. Don't plan a trip beyond their abilities.

  • Select a river, trip option, date, and time, and begin promoting the trip. We have online videos, photos, and other materials to assist in the organization and promotion of group trips. Request an adequate supply of our brochures or reproduce the pertinent information for everyone. Early planning may enable you to take advantage of your organization newsletter and bulletin boards.

  • Obtain either a check or cash from interested participants when they sign up. Only those who have paid should be considered definite participants. If you have a specific number of guaranteed reservations, persons should be informed in advance that after a certain date their money can be refunded only if someone is found to replace them.

  • As the date of the trip nears, make sure all drivers and participants have necessary trip information, including a detailed map with our location, name, and telephone number. Advise anyone who has unexpected car trouble or illness on the day of the trip to call 304-535-2663.

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