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The Guide Life: Behind the Thrills with Cody Rush


Our employee highlight for August has been with us since April, but has been ‘around’ us his whole life. Cody Rush grew up in Harpers Ferry and says he loves the beauty and adventure of the area.


Cody has started in our Aerial Adventure Park this year, and he was the employee of the month for June! He’s always safe, fun and positive. Here’s a little more about Cody:


Question: How did you get into the guiding/adventure related industry?

Answer: I grew up in the beautiful Harpers Ferry area, so when Chris Goodell said River Riders was hiring, I went for it!”

Awesome, we’re glad to have a fellow adventurer that loves this area as much as we do!


Question: What’s the first memory you have of an adrenaline rush when you were a child?

Answer:   Dropping into a half pipe on a skateboard”

Ummm…where was your mother? No seriously, we love it.


Question: What’s the absolute craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Answer:  “I had a glass of orange juice after I brushed my teeth.”

Yea, that’s….epic. We’re sitting here wondering how in the world you got through that!


Question: Most awkward moment on the river. Go…

Answer: “My first couple of days training, I was at lunch break and OJ squirted in my eyes and everyone saw.”

That orange juice is brutal stuff!


Question: What would you say to someone that wants adventure but doesn’t know how to make the time for it?

Answer:  “Learn how to tell yourself you need a break after you’ve been working, that you’ve earned the free time.”

Work hard. Play hard. We like it.


Question: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Answer: “Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich…oh, and a glass of orange juice.”

It’s kind of weird that you don’t really seem to like orange juice at all.


Question: How do you relax?

Answer:  “Video games and peeling mandarin oranges”

Aaah, yes…peeling oranges is on our list of most relaxing things to do as well.


Question:  What’s an adventure or destination on your bucket list?

Answer:   “I would love to visit King Ranch in Florida and walk through the endless fields of trees and shrubs.

Just had to Google this one. We should have figured…King Ranch is a citrus farm! No doubt you have the strongest immune system on staff, Cody.


We’re excited to have Cody on board with us this season. Hoping he stays around for many more! If you see Cody around, make sure you give him something citrus flavored, and we’re pretty sure you’ll gain a friend for life.


For more information about our staff, visit us here.


Find more information and booking details on our Harpers Ferry Aerial Adventure Park so you can go visit Cody before the season ends!