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The Guide Life: Behind the Thrills with Michael Schwitek


Remember we said we’d be giving you a sneak-peak into the lives of our employees? We weren’t kidding. Here’s another employee highlight for your enjoyment and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this guy!


After 16 years in the amusement park industry, Michael Schwitek has come on board our team as our new Director of Operations. He’ll be overseeing, well…basically all of our operations! From Zipline to Adventure Park, from Rafting to Bus Transports, from our Outdoor Adventure Camp to maintenance, this is the guy who will handle it all. After you read his story, you’ll understand why we are so excited that he’s joining us!


Interview with Michael Schwitek 

Question: How long have you been with River Riders?

Answer:  “1 month”

We’re excited to have you, Michael, and looking forward to some fresh perspective!


Question: How did you get into the guiding/adventure related industry?

Answer: I began working at Cedar Point for a summer job during college because I had always had a strong love of amusement parks and Cedar Point was the biggest park around.


Question: What’s the first memory you have of an adrenaline rush when you were a child?

Answer:   Riding my first upside down roller coaster at Opryland Theme Park when I was 7 years old”

We’re catching a theme…this guy likes speed and adrenaline!


Question: What’s the absolute craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Answer:  “Got rid of my house and car and hiked the Appalachian Trail solo while living out of my backpack.”

Okay, respect, dude…nothing but respect.


Question: What would you say to someone that wants adventure but doesn’t know how to make the time for it?

Answer:  “Don't talk about it, Be about it. There is always time if you make it a priority.”

Wow, good stuff…can we quote you on that? Oh, wait, we already did.


Question: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Answer: “Apples”

Hmmm, filling


Question: How do you relax?

Answer:  “I take a walk in the woods”

You’ve come to the right place for that.


Question:  What’s an adventure or destination on your bucket list?

Answer:   To visit Asia and ride some of the biggest roller coasters over there!

Awesome! You’ll have to come back with some adventure tips for us!


As you can see, Michael is going to be an inspiring addition to the River Riders team with his extensive background in the amusement park industry and his full-throttle love for adventure! We can’t wait to see what he brings to River Riders.


When you see him around this season, make sure to say hello!  


Update on previous employee highlight: We now have a blog option built onto our website! This is coming along with some great new changes we’ve been making to our navigation. In case you missed last month’s Employee Highlight because of restricted Tumblr access, we’ve added that to our blog as well. Don’t miss it…it’s about our CEO, Matt Knott!