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We are happy to welcome Chris Cox as our newAssistant General Manager.  Chris and his wife, Alison, have two children, Chandler (11) and Anna Grace (14).  Chris and Alison are both natives of the Eastern Panhandle who fairly recently settled in Charles Town after Chris retired from the Army in the Summer of 2016.

Over his 20 year career in the Army, Chris was privileged to serve as both a Cavalryman (think tanks, not horses) and lawyer (“JAG”) wherein he provided leadership and legal counsel to commands of all shapes and size, soldiers, and family members around the world (including such garden spots as Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq).


Question: How long have you been with River Riders?

Answer:  Just recently started, but I am excited for the upcoming season

Question: How did you get into the guiding/adventure related industry?

Answer: I’ve been a lawyer for a while and wanted to go out and do something different

That’s a big difference, going from what most people would say as “boring, legal stuff” to “fun, adventurous stuff”

Question: What’s the first memory you have of an adrenaline rush when you were a child?

Answer:   Going skiing for the first time! It was a challenge but definitely worth it!

Question: What’s the absolute craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Answer:  Going into the law profession.

Haha, we’ve all made interesting choices in life, glad you went to the outdoor business.

Question: What would you say to someone that wants adventure but doesn’t know how to make the time for it?

Answer:  When your out there, that’s when you realise it was completely worth it.

I think that’s a saying we can all get behind!

Question: Most awkward moment on the river…go…

Answer: I luckily haven’t had a time on this river… yet. I feel my first trip will make an awkward moment.

Well, one good spill makes for one good story.

Question: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Answer: A Bowl of nutritious cereal… I think?

Question: How do you relax?

Answer:  I like to spend time with my family

Well now you have some extra time, you are at a Family adventure resort.


Question:  What’s an adventure or destination on your bucket list?

Answer:   I’d like to go to the grand canyon with my family.

That’s a beautiful site! What a great way to spend time with family


We look forward to welcoming Chris on to our ever-growing team. We hope that chris "makes waves" at River Riders