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All guests should recognize that there are inherent risks on any trip or high adventure activity. River Riders and its affiliates assume no liability for personal injury or loss of personal property. Even if you heard about us outside of West Virginia we do not respond to outside jurisdictions.



You will be required to sign a waiver electronically for each activity.



Minors must also have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian.



Drugs and alcoholic beverages are prohibited prior to and during the trip. If you have a medical condition you are concerned about, you should consult your physician before your trip.



Below is the link to fill out your waivers. You will want to do this before you arrive at River Riders to speed up your check in process. You will need to have your reservation booking ID ready to complete this process.



Click Here to fill out your waivers!



*And remember “No experience necessary” doesn’t mean no risk involved!*