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Aerial Adventure Park at Harpers Ferry

30% Off Season Passes in February!

We are thrilled to bring you the first aerial adventure park in our area! Harpers Ferry Adventure Park offers people of all ages hours of fun on our 9 aerial forest challenge trails, covering 5 beautiful wooded acres. Each of our trails has approximately 12 elements, including ziplines!  Everyone is harnessed and clipped to lines at all times using the patented Edelrid Smart Belay System.
Aerial Adventure Park 2 Hour -
Harpers Ferry
Starts at: Adult $44, Jr $39, Youth $34
4+ NEW kids zip 7+ Full Park
2 hours
Aerial Adventure Park -
Season Pass
Starts at: $129  $93 with Feb 30% off
4 years and older (40 – 265 lbs)
2 hour climbs

Valid April 1st - October 31st, 2018

Chicken Little Zipline Course -
Harpers Ferry
Starts at: Adult $44, Jr $39, Youth $34
4+ NEW kids zip
2 hours
Mega Zip / Quick Jump -
Harpers Ferry Add On Activity
Mega Zip $19, Quick Jump $9$, Combo $24
1 Zip / 1 Jump


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The Aerial Forest Adventure Park at Harpers Ferry is an excellent choice for a family adventure with over 108 challenge course elements of varying difficulty to choose from. The Adventure Park is nearby only 1 hour from the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas, Harpers Ferry is a world away, yet close enough for a day trip!

The 9 challenge courses that make up the Adventure Park cover 5 beautiful wooded acres above River Rider's main base. Adventure Park Courses are rated on a scale similar to a ski resort. The courses are labeled Yellow, Green, Blue and Black with Yellow being the easiest and Black the most difficult. Each Adventure Park trail has approximately 12 unique challenge elements and zip lines.

Aerial Forest Adventure Parks have been used in Europe for about 20 years but have only become popular in the United States in the last 5 years. There are 600 courses in France alone and less than 20 in the United States. We are thrilled to bring you the first aerial adventure park in our area! The Adventure Park is a challenge activity. The participant utilizes a SMART belay system and is able to travel through the park at their own pace. The Adventure Park is for those looking to challenge themselves with balance and daring. It features zip lines, rope bridges, log bridges, and MANY other elements to satisfy adventure seekers. If you're looking for the next challenge, this is it!